Cololuv EP

by Giantee

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released September 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Giantee Brighton, UK

A giantee is one who feels an extreme of emotion

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Track Name: Cololuv
I remember all the evenings
we spent drunker than legend
I remember all my feelings
to my heart they are embedded

I don’t remember nights being this cold
Im screaming at the bathroom mirror "how old how old?”
There are cares I never wanted in my pockets
weighing me down like stones

And this sinking feeling
and this sinking feeling
tears me like the wind
oh love of mine
you’ve got to let me in
I’m attached to you in so many ways
but if the ties break
i’ll surely fall

I never meant to hurt you,
and no i never will
We're crying by the cathedral
and my head is in your lap
im looking up at your face up at the sky
and i never want to leave you behind
Track Name: Distant
Im sorry i,
get so emotional
Theres not enough room
left in this heart of mine
to hold in all
the love i have for you

and im waiting waiting waiting,
waiting for you to talk
why does it feel like
we're worlds apart

come on love dont be distant,
my loves never over

What will it take for me
to get inside of your head
Im struggling to reach for you
and we're on the same bed

im waiting waiting waiting
waiting for the silence to end
dont you say to me
that our love is dead
Track Name: Hypnos(live)
Thrown into a solitary cell,
i searched for miles and miles
but the only mirth to be found in this hell
was you

agogos - pompe - hypnos
i refuse i refuse

if you're not the one who sends me off to sleep
i refuse i refuse

i remember you
sitting by the lamplight

trying to get your hair right

dont you know you'll never be less than beautiful
Track Name: Colossal Love (pt i ) Live
My love for you is colossal

my love exceeds the passing of time
i am consumed
i am entombed
and i will die with a love in my heart for you

distance shall bear no mark on our love
yet with a heavy heart we are apart
Track Name: Colossal Love (part ii)
Is it true its been a year since we first loved
trying to tell you in the car but i choked up
keep your ballet clothes on you're not leaving 'til im done
i've left the car running is an hour long enough

you're in every breath i take
you fill me up and i burst at the seams
standing next to you
im a giant giantee

my love is colossal

I know youve been to darker places than you ever wanted
this cruelest crucible is a hell you couldnt imagine
i'll be he who brings the light and end this darkness
if thats what it takes for me to fight this